Monday, 3 June 2019

How to uninstall Oracle 12c from windows

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Many at times after installing a complex and robust solution like Oracle, issues may arise that may warrant a complete "uninstallation" of Oracle.This is critical as the process though not cumbersome is a very tricky one. If Oracle is not properly uninstalled, you may not be able to do another re-installation, so it's imperative that the "uninstallation" process runs smoothly.

Today I will be showing you how to effectively uninstall Oracle 12c (as case study)

Step 1:

Delete the environment variables

From your PC,  press Windows + R 

Type  Control,  and press enter
This will take you to the control panel, click on system , then click on Advanced system settings
then click on environment variables

Locate the path variable and delete all Oracle variables

Step 2:

Delete all keys from the Windows registry: 

From your PC press Windows + R 

Type regedit and press enter
Delete the following keys


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Services\


Step 3:

Delete oracle directory from program files

Step 4: 

Delete Oracle from start menu:

Go to  C:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs

Once there delete any oracle related folder or files

Step 5:

Delete everything from temp folder. 

From your PC press Windows + R 
Type  %temp% and press enter
Delete everything in that folder or anything related to Oracle.

Once done with all the steps it will be good to restart your PC.

Et Voila! you are done, you can go ahead to re-install your oracle

  Article Written By:  Ogonna Ifepe for Wapsoft Technologies Enterprise

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